KMC x 10 Chain

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KMC X10 10 speed chain

The KMC X10-93 10-speed chain features a variety of performance-enhancing technologies and reinforcing characteristics, making this 10-speed chain a market leader.

Durable 10-speed chain

Compared to other renowned chain brands, KMC X-series chains have a longer life, as proven in many road tests.


1/2″ x 11/128″

116 links

5.88mm Pin Length

Compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo (including all 10-speed MTB systems)

half nickel plated


High perfomance

extremely durable


Non-Directional Design – The mounting of this chain is independent of direction. Allows maximum compatibility on road or MTB bikes: this chain fits all.

Enhanced Durability – With a unique SP (Stretch Proof) treatment, durability has been effectively enhanced by reducing wear between the inner plates and the pin. As a result, the life of the chain has been significantly extended.

Pin Power: KMC’s exclusive “bull-eye” pin breeding technique provides an average kgf power for unsurpassed sideplate retention.

X-Bridge: It’s on the outer plate, set with precisely articulated angles for quicker, smoother shifting and a quieter ride. Shorter length lightweight pins are combined with high quality materials to reduce weight. Tensile strength safety is assured with a minimum of 1020kgf above ISO standards.

Tensile strength: safe, secure performance and peace of mind, with a minimum of 1020kgf above the ISO standard.

XSP Treatment: Special proprietary XSP treatment is applied to both high-alloy pins and plates to reduce friction and thus improve chain life.

Lower Bridge: This lower bridge prolongs the downshift, yet reduces the impact of engagement between the sprocket and chain.

Upper bridge: The upper bridge forms an inclined vault parallel to the tip of tooth movement. This dome shape makes the tooth and chain much more precise

The specifications

Colour: silver-grey

Option: 116 links

Speed: 10 Speed


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